Pakistan Water Shortages Move Farmers to Sunflowers from Wheat

News Analysis:  Pakistan Water Shortages Move Farmers To Sunflowers from Wheat since it may be easier to prosper with the Crop. To wit: Less water needed; A shorter growing season (120 days versus 160); Greater profitability per unit of weight all bode well for Sunflower Growing. Many farmers consider Sunflowers  (which Originated in the Americas)  to be an “Easy … Read more

Citizens are a Nation’s Greatest Abundant Treasure

News Analysis: Citizens Are A Nation’s Greatest Abundant Treasure for it needs their Actions, Energies, and Intelligent Thoughts to Prosper. Wise leaders of Countries, be they Democratic or Monarchical, Understand this simple Maxim; Oppressive Dictatorships do not. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), being ideally located, has allowed its Leaders to learn, in part, from Centuries of … Read more

Uzbekistan Tunnel: Winning the Hearts and Minds of Uzbeks

News Analysis:  Uzbekistan Tunnel: Winning The Hearts And Minds Of Uzbeks by China, occurs one Infra-Structure Investment at a time. The Historical Relationship between these two physically close countries is accelerated by Needed Improvements occurring  throughout land-locked Uzbekistan. Since it encompasses and area of 447,400 km2 (172,700 mi2) there is much investment needed. The Financing provided … Read more

Mongolian President Seeks Capitalistic Competition

News Analysis: Mongolian President Seeks Capitalistic Competition to State-Owned Enterprises (SOE’s). Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj understands that the Efficiencies Of Capitalism Outperform Government Monopolies in many ways. Since Governments are theoretically set up to Serve the Needs of their Citizens,  Profit Motives ideally are Void. Once established, a Government Entity (GE) is “Service Oriented” not “Profit Oriented”; as such, … Read more

Arctic Ocean Methane Gas Release Has Been Occurring for Thousands of Years

News Analysis:  Arctic Ocean Methane Gas Release Has been Occurring For Thousands Of Years as a Natural Process; Not Directly Dependent on Industrialization. Severe Storms which help melt the Underwater Permafrost contribute substantially to this System. Warmer waters also help release Permafrost contained Sediments with Methane. Being a powerful “Greenhouse Gas”, Methane is often the … Read more

America-Cuba Banking Conundrum Lacks Diplomatic Enlightenment

News Analysis: America-Cuba Banking Conundrum Lacks Diplomatic Enlightenment contrary to alleged Vocalizations emanating from Washington, D.C.. If America’s Policy towards a new relationship with Cuba is to Germinate, the Toxic ‘Financial Soil’ it is in, is Unacceptable. Since America presently has discussions with ALL other countries of the world, why not have Rapprochement with Cuba? … Read more

Denmark Claims Offshore Arctic Territory

News Analysis: Denmark Claims Offshore Arctic Territory extending an additional 150 Miles beyond its current 200 Mile Limit; ergo, an additional million km2 (386,100 mi2) of area . Likely Sub-Seafloor Mineral Deposits make Denmark’s Claim financially worth pursuing. Many other Countries are Claiming the same Territory, therefore, Court Adjudication in coming years will determine the … Read more

Chile’s Non-Metal Exports Start to Soar

News Analysis: Chile’s Non-Metal Exports Start To Soar around the Globe. Chile was the World’s Biggest Exporter of Nine  Commodities in 2012.  The list of items include Fruits: Grapes, Blueberries, Cherries, Plums, and Apples. Fish exports are: Salmon and  Trout.  Refined Coniferous Woods and Wood Fiber Boards are also part of the Export Matrix of … Read more

Dirigibles May Prove Durable in Siberia

News Analysis: Dirigibles May Prove Durable In Siberia, especially for Mining. The heavy capacity Lift Capability of Dirigibles along with their Three-Dimensional Flight Characteristics make them ideal for Siberia. Since Road Infrastructure is presently missing, a “Highway-In-The-Sky” is probable using these craft. Airports, presently being designed, will not be operational for a while. Their use … Read more

Are Airlines Being Penny-Wise, but ‘Pounds’ Foolish?

News Analysis:  “Are Airlines Being Penny-Wise, But ‘Pounds’ Foolish by flying aircraft with only Two Engines” ask some Experienced Airframe Personnel? Ice Build-up leading to Engine ‘Flame-Out’ is a reality Airlines are Loathe to discuss. “Extended Range Twin Operations” ‘ETOPS’  has been the Current Rage in the Aircraft Business. Aircraft featuring Four Independent Engines, were … Read more