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December 19, 2014

As we envision upcoming 2015 to be a “Year of ‘Economic Bubbles’ Commencing to Burst”, we want our Readers to prosper in the anticipated harsh Financial Environment. For those of you who can value our experience in International Commerce over past decades, we say “Welcome to Reality”; a World of ‘Holograms’ offered by the Elite, as factual to the Gullible. For examples: The current fall in the prices of Precious Metals and Petroleum should soon be followed by the ‘Elite’ profiting from dumping their ‘Stocks’ on the World Exchanges. “Short Selling” should be quite profitable to those who engage in the practice.

Having to discern the “Wheat from the Chaff” due to: Governments’ Disinformation,  Mass Media Facts Manipulation, and Vested-Interest Groups “Declaring Black To Be White” can be an arduous task for the ‘Inexperienced’ in International Business.

To this end of seeking “Reality is the Truth”, in our forecasted 2015 World Economy, we will Pro-actively offer our readers Quarterly Subscription Prices [3 Months] for the present One Month Prices! You get three [3]months subscriptions at the Gold, Silver, or Bronze Level for the price of one [1]! As always, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

When the ‘Bubbles’ commence to burst in 2015, which will occur, at least our readers will have economized by getting their 2015 Subscriptions to Global News & Analysis reality is the truth.

Best Regards and Good Financial Luck in 2015.

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